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Pressure Washing by Full Force Exteriors

Full Force Exteriors
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Pressure Washing by Full Force Exteriors

Welcome to Full Force Exteriors, Little Rock and Russellville, Arkansas’ premier provider of residential and commercial power washing and pressure washing services. As the top-rated service in the region, we deliver unrivaled quality, leaving your exteriors spotlessly clean and in impeccable condition.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is a cleaning method that uses high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, mold, loose paint, dust, mud, and other unwanted substances from surfaces and objects. This method is highly effective on various surfaces like concrete, bricks, tiles, and exterior sidings of buildings. Pressure washing involves a machine that boosts water pressure significantly, turning a typical garden hose's water flow into a high-powered stream. This powerful force can then dislodge and remove tough stains and materials that other cleaning methods may not handle efficiently. This cleaning method can vastly improve the appearance of your home or commercial property and, when done correctly, can also help prolong the life of your surfaces by preventing the build-up of harmful substances that could cause wear and tear over time.

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What surfaces can be Pressure Washed?

We specialize in high-pressure washing of various hard surfaces, including:

For more delicate surfaces that require special care, we employ a technique known as soft washing. This gentle approach is part of what sets us apart from our competition, ensuring your exteriors remain undamaged while still achieving a deep clean.

What areas do you service?

Our comprehensive pressure washing services extend to both commercial and residential customers throughout many areas in and around Arkansas. Our service cities include, but are not limited to: Adona, Atkins, Belleville, Bigelow, Bluffton, Briggsville, Casa, Cecil, Center Ridge, Centerville, Clarksville, Cleveland, Danville, Dardanelle, Delaware, Dennard, Dover, Hagarville, Hartman, Hattieville, Havana, Hector, Houston, Jerusalem, Knoxville, Lamar, London, Macedonia, Morrilton, New Blaine, Oark, Ola, Oppelo, Ozone, Pelsor, Perry, Perryville, Plainview, Plumerville, Pottsville, Rover, Russellville, Scotland, Scranton, Solgohachia, Tilly, Conway, Little Rock, Ft. Smith ...and many more across the state of Arkansas!