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Illuminate Your Holidays with Full Force Exteriors’ Hassle-Free Lighting!

Experience a Hassle-Free Festive Season with Full Force Exteriors’ Christmas Light Lease Program

The holiday season is a magical time of year, filled with joy, warmth, and the glow of Christmas lights. For many homeowners, the idea of decorating their homes with twinkling lights is delightful, but the process? Not so much. Between untangling knotted strings, navigating the perils of rooftop installations, and the inevitable burned-out bulb, setting up holiday lights can sometimes feel like a daunting task.

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But, what if you could simply choose your lighting design, then sit back and watch as your house is transformed into a winter wonderland, without lifting a finger? This is exactly what Full Force Exteriors offers with its Christmas light lease program. Let’s talk about the many benefits of our unique program:

1. All-Inclusive Setup:

Forget about the difficulty of setting up Christmas lights. Just pick your desired lighting design and our team will handle the installation. We even include a timer in our setup to make sure your lights switch off during daytime hours, optimizing energy consumption and saving you on electricity bills.

2. Custom-Fit Lighting:

One-size-fits-all is not our approach. We recognize that every house is unique, which is why we custom-build the light strings to perfectly fit the dimensions of your home. This means no excess lights hanging down, and not spots left in the dark. And we aren’t talking about the cheap discount store light strings you can buy at your local Dollar Tree. We use onlyu commercial grade lights. You’ll get a consistent and captivating display custom made for your home.

3. No Unsightly Cords:

Gone are the days of draping extension cords all over your lawn or driveway. We guarantee a tidy setup without a bunch of unsightly cords ruining the overall effect. We make sure the focus is on the lights, not the the cords!

4. Warranty & Maintenance:

Peace of mind is a precious gift, and we aim to provide it! If you have any hiccups with the lighting system, just give us a call! Our commitment is to take care of any issues or unlit bulbs within 24 hours, and this service comes at no extra cost to you.

5. End-of-Season Removal:

The end of the holiday season often means hours spent removing and packing away Christmas decorations. With our lease program, you can check that task off your list. We’ll manage the removal and storage of the lights, freeing up your time and space.


The Full Force Exteriors Christmas light lease program is all about adding sparkle to your Christmas season, minus the stress. It’s about spending less time on decorations, and more time with your loved ones. This year, revel in the holiday spirit, delight in the enchantment of beautifully lit exteriors, and leave the hard work to us. It’s a win-win!

For more information or to schedule your lighting setup, don’t hesitate to call us at (479) 222-1336. Experience the magic of the holidays with Full Force Exteriors.

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